• Without Surgery

    Stomach botox is a botox procedure which is performed endoscopically. Applicated botox aims to temporarily passivate the nerves and muscles which affect the appetite and hunger of the stomach.
  • Without Pain

    Since the stomach botox is a non-surgical procedure, no incision is made. During the procedure, the patient is under sedation. Therefore she/he does not feel any pain or discomfort.
  • Effortless

    Stomach botox is an application which takes approximately 15 minutes. After the application the patient rests for 1-2 hours. After resting the patient can go back to his/her daily life.
stomach botox turkey before
stomach botox turkey after

Stomach Botox Turkey

Get rid of your extra weight with stomach botox.

Obesity, which is an increasing health problem all over the world, has been defined by the World Health Organization as “excessive fat accumulation in the body to the extent that it will disrupt the health”. Obesity does not mean gaining excess weight only but also causes diseases such as heart and blood pressure diseases, diabetes, kidney, respiratory system or joint diseases and sudden paralysis. Therefore, it needs to be treated.

Stomach Botox passivates the nerves and muscles which affects the appetite and hunger of the stomach temporarily. As the appetite of the patient, who had the stomach botox, decreases, she/he cannot eat as much as before. By following a disciplined healthy nutrition program after the application the person can lose weight.

For detailed information about Stomach Botox: What is stomach Botox?

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Why Stomach Botox Turkey?

  • Qualified Service

    Stomach Botox procedure with an expert team in its field, high tech-devices and qualified service mentality.

  • Experienced Doctor

    Our experienced surgeon is waiting to help you to take your first step into a healthy life.

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