What is stomach botox?
Stomach botox is a procedure which is performed under sedation, by injecting Botilinum toxin (botox) to the stomach by endoscopy. For more information: What is Stomach Botox?

What is the aim of stomach botox?
It aims to temporarily passivate the nerves and muscles that affect the appetite and hunger of the stomach. The duration of the feeling of satiety increases thanks to stomach muscles which have been inaffective.

Who is suitable for Stomach Botox?
People, whose Body Mass Index less than 40 and who want to lose weight without surgery can have a Stomach Botox. For detailed information: Who can have Stomach Botox?

What are the side effects of Stomach Botox?
Botox substance has no known dangerous side effects. Stomach botox is not applied to people with muscle diseases and who may have allergic reactions to botox. People who have diseases such as gastritis and ulcer can have stomach botox procedure after treatment of these diseases.

What are the advantages of stomach botox?
The main advantages of stomach botox are that it is a non-surgical procedure, it is performed in a very short time, and patient can return to daily life immediately. For more information: Advantages of Stomach Botox

Is there a guarantee of stomach botox?
There is no guarantee for any weight loss method. Stomach botox is a procedure that aims to reduce patient’s appetite. If patient does not apply a regular diet program after the procedure, weight loss can not be expected.

What is the differences of the stomach botox from the gastric balloon?
The aim of both procedures is the same: to make dieting easier by increasing the duration of satiety, and to make the person to lose weight.

The stomach balloon has some disadvantages over the stomach botox: occasional nausea. Re-endoscopy when balloon removal is required. For detailed information: Differences between Stomach Botox and Gastric Balloon

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