Stomach Botox is an endoscopic method that has been performed all around the world for about 15 years. It slows the digestive process and makes the person feel satiated for longer.

Advantages of stomach botox:

    • It is possible to lose 15% – 20% weight in 4-6 months with stomach botox.
    • It is a non-surgical, endoscopic method. Therefore, the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort related to surgery.
    • Side effects of stomach botox procedure are very low. Stomach botox procedure can be performed to people, whose Body Mass Index is below 40, who have tried to lose weight with diet and sports but have not been successful.
    • Stomach botox can be performed in a short period like 15-20 minutes.
    • The patient is discharged after being kept under observation for one or two hours in the hospital.
    • The patient can return to his / her daily life immediately after the procedure.

advantages of stomach botox

These are the advantages of Stomach Botox. You can visit our “What is Stomach Botox?” page for detailed information and “Calculating the Body Mass Index” page to calculate your Body Mass Index.

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