stomach botox and gastric balloon

Stomach Botox and Gastric Balloon procedures have differences as well as similarities.

Similarities between Stomach Botox and Gastric Balloon:

    • Both are non-surgical weight loss procedure.
    • They are performed by using endoscopic methods.
    • Their effect duration is around 6 months.
    • Rates of weight loss are the same
    • The aim of both procedures is the same: to make dieting easier by increasing the duration of satiety, and to make the person to lose weight.


    • During endoscopy, in the stomach botox the botox substance is injected to spesific areas in the stomach of the person, but in the stomach balloon, a balloon filled with air or water is placed inside the stomach of the person.
    • The patient can be discharged after keeping under observation for one hour after stomach botox procedure, but for the stomach balloon procedure the duration of observation is 4 hours.
    • While any nausea, pain or discomfort are not observed after stomacth botox, bloating, nausea and cramps can be observed during two days after the stomach balloon.
    • The effect of stomach botox lasts around 6 months and can be reapplied at intervals of 6 months, the effect of the stomach balloon also lasts around 6 months, but the ballon must be removed by endoscopy at the end of 6 months.

For detailed information Stomach Botox: What is Stomach Botox?

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